Don't just clean it, shield it!

"Self-Disinfecting" surfaces

With the BacteriaShield™ Process

BacteriaShield Service in action at microscopic level

2-step process using products proven effective against Covid-19 that works 24/7 and can last up to 1 year!


A line of 1,000 germs can fit across the period at the end of this sentence.

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The 2-step process:

By using our BacteriaShield™ Process, your facility's surfaces will undergo a cleaning phase and a coating phase with products that

  • Are odor-less and color-less

  • Prevents stains from setting in

  • Dries in minutes, reducing downtime

  • Dramatically reduces the growth of germs on surfaces

  • Are third-party clinically proven

  • Are food & child contact safe 

  • shields your surfaces for up to 1 year

Germ Free Zones:

Desk tops, gym equipment, computer keyboards and mice, and telephone receivers are more contaminated than toilet seats - and people share them without disinfecting them!

Only 51% of Americans wash their hands and sneezing, coughing or going to the rest room, and only 17% wash them after shaking hands. 80% of infection are spread by hand.

So together - better habits and better cleaning with the BacteriaShield™ Process can help to reduce the spread of infection.


We use electrostatics spraying in our

BacteriaShield™ Process.

Electrostatics harness the phenomena of positive-negative attraction in Nature to ensure 100% coverage to any sprayed upon surface.

Think of the uniform coverage of a car paint job - we utilize a very similar process to achieve the same even coverage results.


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Since 2013, when we introduced our service to Chicago, Sterile Environments (a veteran and minority owned company) has dedicated itself to the mission of developing protocols and solutions to lessen the impact of surface damaging and odor causing microbes. We utilize our solutions to enhance the well-being of the Great Lakes region. The BacteriaShield™ process utilizes products that are EPA registered, FDA approved, and work for up to 1 year once applied! 

Our process can virtually eliminate the ability for surface damaging "germs" and  odor-causing mold to grow on surfaces and objects. This reduces the amount of crippling cross-contamination which can cause absenteeism, lack of production, increased health-care expenditures, damaged surfaces, a negative public perceptions, among others negative outcomes.



Some germs can live on dry surfaces, such as dumbells and toys, for several hours and moist surfaces, like bathrooms, for up to 3 days.


Peace of mind. That's what Sterile Environments provides for my clients and me. Their service - Bacteria Shield - is top of the line protection.

- Paul Theodore, owner FMU Fitness and American Ninja Warrior participant



Our process works where you do!


Theaters, Arenas, Rock Climbing Gyms, Bowling, Adventure Parks, Trampoline Parks, Amusement Park Rides



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